The J. Logan Home story is one of Place and Time.

The places are varied, but all with their own special influence.

First: more than a decade spent between New York and Los Angeles as an in-demand fashion stylist honed Logan Horne’s eye, and made him skilled in translating the vision of the world’s most creative tastemakers with his own signature flair.

His hometown of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida would be where his passions for gardening and sustainable farming would combine to sharpen his awareness of hybrid species — how a new variety can emerge from the seeds of another.

But perhaps most significant of all, his lifelong love of fashion was ignited in a deeper way when he relocated to Palm Beach. The generations of illustrious people of taste who have been drawn to the shores of this storied resort destination have made it a collector’s mecca, and this inspired Logan to reflect on how to inject new energy and creativity into the beautiful things he found. His answer: resurrecting and recontextualizing fashion accessories and objects in a conscious yet artistic way.

The time, of course, is now, when we have been called to be mindful in our consumption. When we have devoted more of our attention to our surroundings than ever before. When we have considered (and even learned to enjoy) looking at old things in entirely new ways — freeing them not just from their former locations but functions too.

What if you could live alongside heritage accessories? No longer relegated to closets or drawers, or subject to changes in style or season but to become, inherently useful décor?



J. Logan Home Creative Director Logan Horne

is a collector, stylist and vintage enthusiast who founded J.L.H. in 2020. Though the sources of each piece originally derive from the salons of Europe, the Palm Beach location makes its own important contribution, with local small business at heart. Every J. Logan Home item is crafted in the community by seamstresses, patternmakers, and builders with decades of expertise and commitment to quality worthy of the materials themselves.